Who is Charlie?

The conversation usually starts with two questions…

Why Charlie?

There have been lots of famous Charlies over the years:

  • The silent slapstick humour of Charlie Chaplin (I’m sure he was hilarious at the time?)
  • The wise and lovable Charlie Brown and his loyal sidekick Snoopy
  • Charlie who scored the final golden ticket to peek inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory
  • Upper class Charlie in the form of King Charles (take your pick on the century)
  • Charlies who were popular with the ladies, a.k.a. Charlie’s Angels
  • And of course, Charlie Sheen has earned his place in pop culture history with his “winning” attitude!

Our namesake is based on two Charlies a little closer to home — two sons born 8 years apart to two guys that have a special knack for creating great businesses. Lucky for us, these guys also happened to share a dream of one day opening a restaurant.

Why Dumplings?

The whole world is having a love affair with dumplings!

Let’s get the easy ones out of the way:

  • The Italians are prolific with Ravioli, Tortellini and Gnocchi
  • Japanese have Gyoza (just dumplings in disguise!)
  • And our good friends in America call their dumplings… well, dumplings (duh!)

But what if we go a bit more exotic:

  • Europeans love the unpronounceable dumpling — Germans have Kloß & Knödel, Hungarians have Nokedli and Lithuanians have Koldūnai
  • Africans have Fufu and the Egyptians have Qatayef
  • And the joys of dumplings have even made it to Siberia, where they’re called Pozi!

At Charlie Dumpling, we’ll always look after the traditionalists in our midst but we want to deliver dumplings with a modern twist that will really get your taste buds tingling. That’s right, it’s time that the humble dumpling got a makeover (at least on the inside)!

And we’re happy to say that the conversation usually ends with two answers…



Charlie’s Values

The Customer is Charlie’s “BFF” and so of course, there can be no secrets between us.

We want to share our innermost thoughts and values with you so that you know what makes us tick and how we can make you happy — that way you’ll want to come back and see us again and again!


Charlie’s Values:

— Charlie always has fun

— Charlie is honest

— Charlie shows initiative

— Charlie understands business

— Charlie does whatever it takes

Charlie’s Philosophy:

— Attitude is everything!